Wellness or Bust...

My name is Ann-Lee Waite and I have been on a self-empowerment journey my entire life. That is me the 54 year old looking back. When it makes no sense in the present moment, you can be assured there will come a time when you look back and it will all make complete sense.

My young child body was molested by two male relatives. As a teenager I was raped by a male friend of the family and by the husband of the couple I babysat for. And then in adulthood two males I considered friends attempted sexual assault. I was a child who grew into a woman believing she had no worthiness...not just little worthiness but no worthiness. And my life reflected that belief.

Then in my mid-twenties I had a moment, a powerful moment reading Maya Angelou's words about not just surviving but learning to thrive. And my journey to Myself began.

I had to let go of alcoholism and drug addiction. I wandered into a few religions and philosophies...practiced inconsistently. I immersed myself into the spiritual movement and felt what real love, Spirit love felt like.

I also had to journey through issues around my body. I felt it betrayed me, made me weak as a woman, made me vulnerable to the depravities of men so I overfed/underfed it, over/under exercised it, fasted compulsively, cleansed and re-cleansed it. And I weighed and I measured it often.

My body was my obsession but always an obsession with all the things I considered wrong with it. I was at war with my body. I had no sense of my own value, much less my body's.

Caring for your Body and Soul is the Key!

This journey has brought me to self-love, self-honoring, self-respect, letting go of what you think of me, making my opinion of myself more important than yours...today I know what it feels like to be at peace with my body...loving it just the way it is, while taking responsibility for its care.

And today I am my biggest fan. That's what I want to teach you; how to be your biggest fan.

I channel a group consciousness who have named themselves All That Is. Their mission is the upliftment, the empowerment of women and children on this planet.

They have asked me to teach women the tools to self-empowerment. And through their teachings, they have shown me women who are not empowered cannot defend their children, cannot defend themselves, cannot defend the welfare of others. Women who are not self-empowered do not have a sense of their true value and worth to the world. Women who are not self-empowered live small lives. Their God nature draws them to live their dreams and their lack of empowerment pulls them back.

"There are times now and in the future when we speak of feminine empowerment, some men AND women will respond 'what about the men, they are light beings too are they not?' and We will respond yes they are light beings but why is talking about feminine empowerment, feminine magic and light mean We are saying men are not magical or light? We say this is the exact reason why feminine empowerment is necessary on this planet. You women are quicker to lessen yourselves in the eyes of others than men. You brush away compliments, you explain away praise, you find opportunities to denigrate yourselves. We put you here for the magic. Men were placed here to protect you, to safeguard you because you WERE the magic of your communities. It is time for you to be the magic of your communities again. When you remember your magic, you will raise your children, boys and girls, reminding them of their magic. You will be strong to raise them AND to protect them. You will have standards when you remember who you are!!! You must have standards. It is time you remember who you are because you are the hope for the survival of this planet. You must wake up and remember who you are!!!"

-All That Is

Women who are not empowered will not battle for the environment and the planet. Women who are not empowered will not insist on being heads of the corporations and governments that require their special insight and knowledge. A woman who is not empowered in all areas of her life is not a true feminist. True feminists honor all forms of the feminine in themselves and others. When you are empowered you live from that empowerment in all areas of your life.

Goddesses are empowered beings. Our days require Goddesses. Our planet needs Goddesses.

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