Body and Self Empowerment

“Wellness is not about whether a person has disease. It’s about their internal experience of their body, the ability to make constructive healthy choices, and their ability to enjoy life and be well. Wellness is that state of concern in which you are relatively invincible, nothing can ruin your day, you feel alive, vital and confident and experience a high state of well-being. When you experience wellness, your circumstances of the moment do not easily upset your internal state.” – Donald Epstein

Let me tell you what is the complete opposite of Donny Epstein’s words: the day to day struggle with body image issues.   

I went on my first diet when I was in 9th grade.

My parents were dieters; once a year or so there would be the new diet. They didn’t exercise.  They just dieted. They would go from overweight to normal weight often to under weight and then travel the scale back up again. And they would do this over and over and over again.

And soon I was doing it over and over again. Dieting, fasting, cleansing…from bulimic to anorexic.  And there was overexercising.

In high school it seemed normal to see other girls going up and down in weight. Europhic and sociable when they lost weight; depressed and ashamed looking when they gained.

I didn’t know then my obsession with my body and weight would not stop until my late forties. It took me until my late forties to love myself unconditionally and accept my body, be grateful for my body.

Not until working in senior communities did I realize I could have lived my entire life that way.  I am so grateful to have found practices to support me in my journey to self-love.

What worked for me was addressing my issues with my body to include all areas: physical, mental, emotional AND spiritual.  I re-created my self-talk which led me to create new habits that sustained me emotionally and spiritually.  And I moved my body from the joy and love of it and not from the fear of fat. And I found peace with and within my body.


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Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to not have self-critical thoughts about your body or your person running through your psyche? Have you ever wondered what being free of all that would look and feel like? Have you ever wondered what you could bring to the world AFTER you find peace with your body?


My three month program is all about blowing your windows and doors open to those questions getting you moving on a lifelong path to joy. I knew I wanted to be happy, to be a thriver. What I didn’t know I wanted and needed was to achieve a state of empowerment. What I didn’t know was I was learning it in order to teach it.

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