“I have had many different types of massage, however Thai massage seems to center me and slow me down more than others I have tried. As an athlete and trainer I’m always seeking ways to enhance performance. Over the last 2 months receiving Thai massage I have decreased recovery time and increased overall performance. I have more mobility and a greater range of motion. This greater range of motion has also reduced stress and strain on my body.”

Jesse Hyder, Healthy Living Coordinator, Personal Trainer

“We have offered the Yamuna Foot Fitness class at our facility for several months now. Although most have never heard of Yamuna, both the class and instructor, Ann-Lee Waite, has increasingly become a favorite amon our members, gaining more popularity as word spread. This class has appealed to quite a cross section of guests. I have heard of several accounts of the class aiding our tennis players, runners, as well as those suffering from foot ailments such as plantar fasciitis–each raving about the dramatic effect they have noticed after taking this class. Ann-Lee has created a following in our facility.
But besides the benefits of Yamuna Foot Fitness, Ann-Lee is such a dynamic and knowledgeable instructor; she really makes each participant feel like an individual. Her laugh is infectious, and she is a huge hit amongst our guests.”

Alexa Hibbert, Sports Complex Manager
The Omni Grove Park Inn, Asheville NC

“Ann-Lee is a highly skilled and dynamic teacher with a unique training approach. She fills the classroom with tremendous positive energy and participants can’t help but respond to her immediately. She is very “hands on” and works with the participants to ensure they are getting the most out of each session. I am continually impressed by Ann-Lee and the lively energy she so passionately pours into every single session. Our staff and residents hold her and high regard and the participants look forward to her class every week. The participants are experiencing improved balance, flexibility and greater confidence in daily living as a result of Ann-Lee’s foot fitness classes. We highly recommend Ann-Lee. The foot fitness class has added diversity and increased value to our existing physical fitness program.”

Janice Husk, Social Director
Ardenwoods Retirement Home, Asheville NC

“Ann-Lee Waite serves as one of our Fitness Center Supervisors, along with instructing Foot Fitness and Body Rolling classes. Her warm and inviting personality is infectious for residents. She has great knowledge that guides participants through sequences with humor and enthusiasm. I highly recommend her for your fitness opportunities.”

Vicki Sheppard, Resident Life Coordinator
Deerfield Episcopal Retirement Community, Asheville NC

“I always thought “walking on air” alluded to an emotion until I started attending Ann-Lee’s Foot Fitness class. Not so. That describes the way my feet feel when I leave the class and float on home. These classes have made a very positive and welcome difference in my life.”

Elsie H.
Ardenwoods Retirement Home resident

“Foot fitness with Ann-Lee has done wonders for me. My feet have been so cold and by nightime I could hardly stand to walk. This exercise has helped my circulation. It is very interesting. Hurts so good.”

Kitty C.
Ardenwoods Retirement Home resident

“I did not start thinking about my feet until I developed plantar fasciitis. Fortunately, a class was offered to introduce foot fitness to Deerfield. Just like the others that attended that first session, I realized exercising your feet is very important to our total health.
The exercises given by Ann-Lee made it clear that our feet need to be exercised the same as our bodies. It is amazing that after exercising one foot, you can immediately feel the difference…the way to avoid foot problems is to properly exercise your feet. Now is the time to begin!”

Jean J.
Deerfield Episcopal Retirement Community resident

“When I first started the ‘foot fitness’ class, I was recovering from a broken leg and I walked with a limp and sometimes had to use a cane. Now my leg is stronger and also my ankles. I can walk with confidence with no fear of falling.”

Carol B.
Ardenwoods Retirement Home resident

“Finding a good Thai Massage practitioner in this area was a bit of a challenge, but no more! What sets Ann’s sessions apart ( and in a class of their own ) is her knowledge and implementation of foot health and fitness techniques.

Wellness and wholeness take on a new meaning with this therapist!”

Sim B.

“Last week I had the most wonderful massage treatment experience of my life.  I am no spring chicken and have had MANY massages over the years but never one like the one that Ann-Lee gives.  She is so multi-talented that she is able to combine all different types of treatments into 1.5 hour of pure body healing.  Starting with the feet, she gave each toe the attention it deserves and worked her way through every part of my body. With lots of stretches that she assists with since I could not have done any of it by myself.  Ann-Lee knows each and every pressure point, I could feel the places that have been jammed up for years releasing and flowing.

Ann-Lee reassured me the whole time that she would physically support me and I could relax no matter what.  From toe to head, everything was covered with her sensitivity and knowledge of the whole body.  At the end, she closed with a peaceful Reiki  treatment that let my body know it could relax and felt loved and taken cared of.

I would highly recommend Ann-Lee for anyone that suffers from aches and pains or who just needs tender, loving care.  Thank you Ann-Lee!

These are honest comments”

Cecelia C.

“I have spent years studying and teaching both yoga and pilates. After 15 years of working with my own body and with students, I firmly believe that the work of the feet is some of the most important work in order to keep the body healthy and mobile. After just one foot session with Ann-lee, I felt release in the feet that transferred to my entire leg line, making my knee more stable and release in my hips and back that I never knew was possible.
The body rolling work is extremely beneficial as well. As we age, our connective tissue, fascia gets thicker, dryer and tighter, thus limited movement causing pain. Body rolling eliminates tension, stress and pain. My favorite part is it is something you can do to yourself, making it a very empowering tool that you can use your entire life.
I highly recommend Ann-Lee and her classes. She is a dedicated practitioner who brings light and humor to the work. Students can expect to feet instant relief for their feet, increased ability to move their bodies, and increased awareness of their overall bodies.

I spent the most amazing hour and a half of my life recently with Ann-Lee having my first ever Thai Massage.  I am a person who always wants my massage to “go deep” but find it very difficult to relax into the experience.  The subtle, yet effective, technique allowed me to be with my breath and to relax deeper and deeper thus allowing me to let go and fully integrate the work that was being done to me. The experience left me feeling open, energized, almost like I was floating on air.  I felt the effects of this massage not just for hours after but the entire next week.  Ann-Lee is truly a gifted healer and I would recommend her massage and her body rolling and foot classes to anyone seeking relief from stress, muscle tension, injury or chronic pain.”

-Nicole K.
Yoga and Pilates Teacher

“Ann-Lee is a wonderfully warm and wise woman who brings an infectious zest for life to her body rolling classes. Having benefitted greatly from the Yamuna practice herself over the last few years, she teaches from a strong platform of experiential knowledge, which she blends with extensive anatomical theory. She guides students through the sequences with humor and enthusiasm, making sure that they leave the class feeling physically expansive and mentally refreshed. I highly recommend her teaching!”

Lisa S.
Manager – Asheville Yoga Donation Studio

“Foot fitness class was an awakening for me! We use Foot Savers and Foot Wakers to work on the deep muscles and pressure points in our feet. It’s amazing how this stimulation in your feet can radiate up and enliven your entire body! I immediately feel more grounded, alive, and at ease. This class is better than any reflexology you can have done. It has helped me to use the entire surface of my foot, especially the outside edge, rather than just pronating on the inside edge. Plus, I actually get a buzz from this. Working on the Foot Savers and Foot Wakers just gets my whole body tingling!

Body rolling is luxurious! I would rather do this than get a massage. In fact, this has relaxed me more than any massage. It’s also a great way to get in touch with your body, and to find out where your hidden tension lies. It’s fun to focus in on a particular area of the body and use the balls to explore the muscles and fascia and find knots of tension you never knew existed. Then you roll them and they melt…and the relief from this tension is fantastic! I never knew there were so many knots in my hips, thighs, and butt….actually pretty much every part of my body! Body rolling is a great way to uncover this tension. Highly recommend.”

-Ellen Lee V.

“I have really been inspired by Ann-Lee to attend to the call of my feet.  They have for years longed for the kind of attention that the foot wakers and foot savers provide.  I have been using the foot wakers almost every morning and evening as she suggested, in addition to attending her foot wellness classes when my schedule permits.  Daily practice is very important for real progress to be made, Ann-Lee teaches, and attending the class keeps me moving forward and learning new ways of using these wonderful tools to awaken and energize the feet.  I am already feeling the effects of the exercises starting to strengthen the muscles which help support the arches of my feet, which have never really felt functionally enhanced, despite having worn all sorts of custom and stock orthotics.  Now I feel like I can do something really wonderful for my feet and my entire body!”

– Randy J.

“Eager to restore a debilitating foot injury I began attending Ann-Lee’s foot classes and I’ve never looked back!  Her commitment, knowledge and enthusiasm as a teacher of wellness is unwavering! I look forward to her classes because they’re educational, inspirational and fun. Working on the foot savers and foot wakers continues to give me a deep sense of knowing that I can restore my foot without surgery. How privileged we are to have wisdom and passion available to us in Asheville.”

– Grace H.

“I have been taking a weekly class with Ann-Lee for several months. From my first session with her, I knew that I needed to add this work to my foot-healing and maintenance regimen. For several years I have been focused on healing and correcting toe, joint, and arch problems that I developed from wearing high-heeled shoes. Taking foot fitness classes has definitely opened up areas in my feet which had become knotted and inflexible, and had caused my gait to become unbalanced. The benefits of using the foot wakers and savers became so obvious to me that I bought them to use at home. I take what I learn in class from Ann-Lee and practice a few minutes several times a week on my own. I’ve learned to be patient with my recovery, but my feet do improve some every week. I’m ever more confident that I will be dancing again soon.”

– Stephanie B.

“Ann-Lee’s Foot Fitness and Bodyrolling class opened my eyes to a new level of self care. Through her classes, I was able to learn how to release tight muscles, increase circulation, and stimulate nerves throughout my body. Due to the numerous health benefits of foot fitness and body rolling, I purchased foot wakers and a ball to achieve the benefits through a home practice. Ann-Lee’s vast knowledge, experience and humor combine to create spectacular classes. Ann-Lee’s foot fitness and bodyrolling classes have improved my overall health and I am grateful for her classes.”

– Julie H.

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