Yoga: Thai Style


I have also studied with David Lutt in Provence, France who teaches a blend of osteopathy and Thai Yoga.  During sessions I also practice  Reiki having studied up to level 2 Usui Shiki Ryoho method with Angela Rovina and Stefano Ceretti in northern Italy.

“Last week I had the most wonderful massage treatment experience of my life.  I am no spring chicken and have had MANY massages over the years but never one like the one that Ann-Lee gives.  She is so multi-talented that she is able to combine all different types of treatments into 1.5 hour of pure body healing.  Starting with the feet, she gave each toe the attention it deserves and worked her way through every part of my body. With lots of stretches that she assists with since I could not have done any of it by myself.  Ann-Lee knows each and every pressure point, I could feel the places that have been jammed up for years releasing and flowing.”  Cecelia C.

By applying rhythmic pressure(acupressure) on certain energetic points and lines (sen) in the body and yogic stretching, muscle compressions and joint manipulation, emotional and physical blockages can be released and energy can be restored to its natural flow.  Done on a mat on the floor, the receiver is fully clothed in loose comfortable clothes, without oils.  In Thai Yoga I use my hands, elbows, knees and feet to work on the different body layers (koshas); the release works on an emotional, energetic and physical level.  My technique is sometimes static (sinking deeply in a meditative state) or moving quite dynamically…depending.

“I have had many different types of massage, however Thai Yoga seems to center me and slow me down more than others I have tried. As an athlete and trainer I’m always seeking ways to enhance performance. Over the last 2 months receiving Thai Yoga I have decreased recovery time and increased overall performance. I have more mobility and a greater range of motion. This greater range of motion has also reduced stress and strain on my body.”  Jesse H. Healthy Living Coordinator, Personal Trainer ASHEVILLE YMCA

Thai Yoga promotes general health and well-being. It has a double purpose. On the preventive side, it actives the free flow of energy and improves fluid circulation, digestion, breathing capacity, body posture, flexibility, as well as releasing nervous tension.  On the therapeutic side, it can cure a large number of pathologies such as lower back pain, headaches, digestive problems, stress, insomnia, nervous imbalance, neck and shoulder muscular tightness…to name just a few…

Many people find that Thai massage has the following benefits: relaxes, reduces stress, improves circulation, increases energy, increases flexibility, improves range of motion and centers the mind and body.

“I spent the most amazing hour and a half of my life recently with Ann-Lee having my first ever Thai Yoga.  I am a person who always wants my massage to “go deep” but find it very difficult to relax into the experience.  The subtle, yet effective, technique allowed me to be with my breath and to relax deeper and deeper thus allowing me to let go and fully integrate the work that was being done to me. The experience left me feeling open, energized, almost like I was floating on air.  I felt the effects of this massage not just for hours after but the entire next week.  Ann-Lee is truly a gifted healer and I would recommend her massage and her body rolling and foot classes to anyone seeking relief from stress, muscle tension, injury or chronic pain.”  Nicole K. Yoga and Pilates Teacher

People describe Thai Yoga as both relaxing and energizing.   You will feel as if you just took a yoga class but without having to do the work.



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